Gym Status

Today is the day of new age social medias. Whatsapp and facebook are now an integral part of our life. Personally I can’t even think of a day without these apps. We keep in touch with friends get to know what they are upto, enjoy funny videos all through these apps. Also these platforms are a great way to express ourselves. Status messages being the best way for this. We feel that everyone should have access to the best of the quotes that can reflect our mood/attitude.

Who doesn’t want a fit body. For those love to hit the gym, here are few quotes.


When you want to give up, remember why you started.


Look in the mirror – thats your competition.


Train insane and remain the same.


Hustle for that muscle.


The body achieves what the mind believes.


Being sore after a though workout – I love that.


My Gym is my me time.


I exercise because somehow completely exhausting myself is the most relaxing part of my day.


I’m gonna show you how bad I wanted it.


It hurts now, but one day this will be my warm up.


I don’t give a fuck what people think about me and how I look. I’m doing this for me.


Pain, Sweat Dedication – They will never understand us.


You either allow that burn to break you down or you turn that pain into motivation.


Sorry I can’t – I have to go to the gym.


In this house only hard work matters.


There is no thing as perfection. Just train hard and be the best that you can be.


Win the battle in the mind and kill them in the gym.


It doesn’t get easier, you just get stronger.


Put your heart and soul into it, the body will follow.


I will never BREAKUP with Gym, we just seem to WORKOUT.


Stronger than yesterday.


If you want to get fit. You have to give up only one thing – Excuses.


Whether you are sad, lost, lonely or broken. There is always a fix – GYM.


Once you see results, it becomes an addiction.


Lift heavy shit until it’s not heavy anymore.


Find that partner that gives you rage and power.


Without pain, without sacrifices, we would have nothing.


Muscles soreness is the new hangover.


Usually I am silent. But one day my success will shake the world.


I’m proudly addicted to become stronger.


Keeps your squats low and your standards high.


Don’t wish for it – work for it.


Be your biggest fan.